An AI-based Health Monitor Platform

i8 / i9 AI based wearable ECG


connect your smart phone to record and monitor your health condition in real-time. Measures your heart signal (1 or 6 leads) and inCare AI will provide  diagnostic consultation as free of charge.

Wearable Health Monitor Device


Get connected to your smart phone at anytime, anywhere through wireless communication. The patch design makes it more easy to wear.

Easy-to-wear patch-type healthcare device for easy wireless communication


Measure your health condition in real-time and check data through wireless communication which makes the patch-type design highly portable and easy to wear.

inCare, the mobile healthcare APP


The simple application connects to your mobile device through wireless communication which supports both Android & iOS devices

Health Information on the go


Monitor and save your real-time health records and share with your family doctor or family members at any time. 

i8 / i9 Specifications

Model Numberi8i9
Samping Rate(SPS)250250
Filter Range(Hz)0.5~400.5~40
Data TransferBluetooth 2.1/4.0Bluetooth 2.1/4.0
Continuous Recording(Hour)4824
CertificationCE, FCCCE, FCC
Transmission Distance(m)< 10m< 10m
Charging Time(min)8040
Inter-working Software(APP)inCare (Android/iOS)inCare (Android/iOS)
ModuleDiameter: φ40mm,
Thickness: 12mm,
Weight: 45g,
Color: White
Diameter: φ40mm,
Thickness: 12mm,
Weight: 27g,
Color: White
DeviceW: 145mm, L: 125mm, H: 12mmW: 145mm, L: 40mm, H: 12mm
Power Consumption70mW(Data Transmission)70mW(Data Transmission)
BatteryLithium-Polymer 3.7VDC, 1000mAhLithium-Polymer 3.7VDC, 500mAh
Components1 Device, 1 Charging Cradle 21 Disposable electrodes

1 Device, 1 Charging Cradle

20 Disposable electrodes