A Health Monitor Platform 

powered by Artificial Intelligence

i8 / i9 wearable ECG monitor 

for Home


connect with smart phone or pad to record and monitor your electrocardiogram real-time. Monitor (1 or 6 leads) and inCare AI capable to gain insights of your heart rhythm and  diagnostic for irregularity instantaneously

Monitoring Anywhere & Anytime


Ultra portable design supports measurement on the go

Easy-to-wear patch-type design and connect with built-in wireless communication

ECG monitor is no longer a hassle to operate.  The measurement is extremely simple which can be learned in a few seconds

inCare, the Smart mobile healthcare soltuon


The simple application supports both Android & iOS devices

Health Information on the go


Monitor and save your real-time health records and share with your family doctor or family members at any time. 

i8 / i9 Specifications

Model Numberi8i9
Samping Rate(SPS)250250
Filter Range(Hz)0.5~400.5~40
Data TransferBluetooth 2.1/4.0Bluetooth 2.1/4.0
Continuous Recording(Hour)4824
CertificationCE, FCCCE, FCC
Transmission Distance(m)< 10m< 10m
Charging Time(min)8040
Inter-working Software(APP)inCare (Android/iOS)inCare (Android/iOS)
ModuleDiameter: φ40mm,
Thickness: 12mm,
Weight: 45g,
Color: White
Diameter: φ40mm,
Thickness: 12mm,
Weight: 27g,
Color: White
DeviceW: 145mm, L: 125mm, H: 12mmW: 145mm, L: 40mm, H: 12mm
Power Consumption70mW(Data Transmission)70mW(Data Transmission)
BatteryLithium-Polymer 3.7VDC, 1000mAhLithium-Polymer 3.7VDC, 500mAh
Components1 Device, 1 Charging Cradle 21 Disposable electrodes

1 Device, 1 Charging Cradle

20 Disposable electrodes